Weekly Debates

SGMUN supports its Members both financially and with the provision of a range of workshops designed to sharpen their public speaking and negotiation skills. Preparation on subject matter and rules of procedures is key to suceed in the world of Model United Nations.

Attending Conferences

SGMUN attends a variety of MUN conferences all around the world. They foster global citizenship and address current world issues related to regional conflicts, peacekeeping, human rights, women and children, economic and social development, and the environment.

Social Events

Smells like Team Spirit:
Team building is a highly valued aspect of SGMUN and includes numerous social events. The world of Model United Nations is famous for bringing together people with the same open-mindedness and thirst to discover today’s world issues.


SGMUN Conference

Excited for the 2nd International SGMUN Conference?

When? November (date TBA)
Where? St. Gallen

Visit us on the Facebook Conference site facebook.com/sgmun.rocks or on www.sgmun.rocks

St. Gallen MUN

St. Gallen Model United Nations was created in 2011 as a result of the intense work of dedicated students and the precious input from the Swiss Youth UN Network (JUNES), which is affiliated to the National Department of Foreign Affairs. Following the Model UN tradition, the association strives to develop a pole of excellence in St. Gallen and benefits from the enormous potential that lies within this university. The association therefore aims at introducing students to the world of international diplomacy, especially to the United Nations and its political functioning. In parallel to the theory, the members of the association are provided with the opportunity to put in practice their knowledge during weekly debates, crisis simulations, various workshops and worldwide MUN conferences.

St. Gallen MUN, an entirely student-run association with about 60 active members, has successfully established itself as an important part of the internationally orientated associations at the University of St. Gallen. With open-mindedness, diversity, innovation and excellence being essential values of the association St. Gallen MUN assures a cooperation beneficial to all, its members and its partners. Therefore, St. Gallen MUN creates an important and sustainable added-value not only at the University of St. Gallen but also at JUNES and at renowned worldwide MUN conferences.