What we do


Weekly Debates

Once a week we gather for two hours to discuss one current topic in a UN Committee. After a few sessions, we (hopefully) agree on a solution to the topic and let the evening die away at ad-hoc.

Attending weekly debates is the perfect opportunity to regularly practice your MUN skills, gain extensive factual knowledge about the topic and prepare for conferences.



Tel Aviv, Madrid, New York... Where next?

Conferences are the climax for the MUNer: For several days you have the opportunity to debate one topic extensively and get to know many international students. And as if that wasn't already enough, you can experience great socials such as delegate balls or lavish parties.

Keep an eye open for our own conference in November!



Team building is a highly valued aspect of SGMUN and includes numerous social events. The world of Model United Nations is famous for bringing together people with the same open-mindedness and thirst for discovering today’s world issues.

SGMUN offers you a variety of unique socials, right from the start of the semester - from pub quiz to Diplomats’ Ball.

Talks by Diplomats

Sometimes it is not enough to simulate the work of international organisations.

For our talks by diplomats we invite one or two diplomats per year who grant us first-hand insights into the world of diplomacy.

Not always big names, but always big talk.