Thursday Debate: WHO - Addressing The Health Effects And Damages Caused By International Drug Trafficking

Poppy fields in Afghanistan

Poppy fields in Afghanistan

Room: 23-103

Date: 22.11.2018, 18:15

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63’632. This is the amount of deaths due to drug overdoses in the United States of America alone, for the year 2016. Currently, it is estimated that around 115 persons die per day, owing to opioid drug overdoses, again in the USA alone. Overall, such horrifying numbers are consistently rising, facing the world with the looming problem of substance abuse.

Prescription drugs lure patients into their nets, making them ever more addicted to them. The devastating effects of heroin injections are known, slowly destroying the taker’s body, and increasing the risk of transmission of viruses such as HIV. In countries where poppy is illegally grown, the farmers themselves are addicted to what they plant, not managing to get out of the cycle of suffering, taking, suffering again and taking to forget.

Drug addicts often become social outcasts, their lives and families ruined. In many countries, this even affects young people, and sometimes even children. The world of illegal drug trafficking of for example cocaine is known for its violence, affecting the lives of many in vast cities such as in South and Central America.

This poses an ever growing challenge to organizations such as the WHO, aiming to improve global health conditions. Some countries and organisations attempt to approach the problem by decriminalizing the use of some substances and try to treat addicts like medical cases. In other countries death penalties and other brutal punishments are enforced to try to deter the consumption in the fist place.

A crucial note for the debate: we are aware that most countries will agree in regard to the ill effects of drugs. We therefore recommend you to quickly move towards finding solutions through resolutions. Several different, maybe even contradicting, resolutions are always welcome, as they tend to make the debate more interesting!

Research starters

As usual, do not hesitate to browse through these links to gain more information on the topic. Remember that research on the individual country’s position relies on you. (using this link will save you a lot of research, as comprehensive insight into the topic is given here) (American governmental website, giving insight into drug addiction) (some solutions already proposed by the WHO) (a typical story of drug farming and its effects on individuals) (insight on the American opioid crisis)

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