Weekly Debate: SOCHUM - Protection of Afghan refugees and IDP's in the middle east

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Refugees and IDP’s protection in the middle east

Note from the chairs: For this block of debates you will be assigned to double delegations. You can sign up either with a partner or indivdually. Since it is the first block of debates for our new members, we are looking for experienced delegates willing to take a “mentor” role. Just sign up like this: first name, last name (m). Newbies please sign up in the following way: first name, last name, (n). And please do not team up with other newbies. You can sign up here.

Today, there are almost 2.5 million registered refugees from Afghanistan. Thus, they constitute the second largest refugee population in the world. While countries like Switzerland and Germany increasingly host Afghan refugees, 95% of Afghan refugees live in the Islamic Republic of Iran and Pakistan. The first wave of Afghan refugees was triggered with the Soviet intervention of 1979. In 1992 a second wave of refugees ocurred with the outbreak of the Afghan civil war. In 1996, the Taliban conquered Kabul and established the Islamic Emirat Afghanistan introducing the Sharia. The reign of the Taliban only ended with the U.S. led intervention following the terror attacks of 9/11. Since 2003, Afghanistan is in a slow process of democratization that is however threatened by various violent islamistic groups such as the still operating Taliban, Al Qaida or lately the Islamic State. Afghanistan remains one of the most dangerous countries to live in with terror attacks occuring frequently.

Before the last session where you will hopefully finalize and vote on your draft resolutions, we invited Prof. Monsutti, a leading expert and Yale professor on migration in Afghanistan, Pakistan and Iran who will give a talk titled “Beyond conventional solutions to the refugee problem: Mobility as a strategy for Afghans”. More information is available on Facebook.

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