Fun Debate: U.S. Senate - Impeachment of President Donald J. Trump


23-103 - 6.15pm

In this debate you will face a task of gravest importance - deciding whether President Donald J. Trump should be impeached. The House of Representatives passed a resolution listing the following Articles of Impeachment:

1) Collusion with Russia

2) Obstruction of Justice

3) Violation of Federal Campaign Finance Laws

Now it is the task of the Senate to make a final ruling on the impeachment. In this debate you will either be assigned the role of an advocate or that of a senator. As an advocate it is your task to either represent President Trump or the prosecution in front of the Senate. As a senator you are a member of the jury deciding on the fate of the 45th President. Remember: Even though the impeachment process is modeled after regular US court proceedings, it is not legal but political in nature.

As the setting of this debate varies from the usual ones, we prepared a short study guide for you. It contains background information about the procedures of impeachment, the roles of advocates and senators as well as on the Articles of Impeachment.

You can sign up here to be an advocate or a senator.

Research Starters:

Article explaining the impeachment procedure:

Washington Post article on the violation of campaign finance laws:

BBC article on obstruction of justice:

BBC article on the Trump-Russia affair:

Article of the “Süddeutsche Zeitung” on the possibility of an impeachment of Trump:

 Looking forward to seeing you!

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