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Monday Debate: European Council - Relations to China

China being its second largest trade partner, its relations to China is of utmost importance for the European Union. In this debate, delegates will represent one of the EU member states in the European Council, the EU’s highest decision making body. Can the member states come up with a common strategy dealing with the rise of China?

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Weekly Debate: SOCHUM - Protection of Afghan refugees and IDP's in the middle east

Note from the chairs: For this block of debates you will be assigned to double delegations. You can sign up either with a partner or indivdually. Since it is the first block of debates for our new members, we are looking for experienced delegates willing to take a “mentor” role. Just sign up like this: first name, last name (m). Newbies please sign up in the following way: first name, last name, (n). And please do not team up with other newbies.

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Fun Debate: U.S. Senate - Impeachment of President Donald J. Trump

In this debate you will face a task of gravest importance - deciding whether President Donald J. Trump should be impeached. In this debate you will either be assigned the role of an advocate or that of a senator. As an advocate it is your task to either represent President Trump or the prosecution in front of the Senate. As a senator you are a member of the jury deciding on the fate of the 45th President.

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