Cologne MUN

10th -13th October: Cologne, Germany

“Migration – Challenges and Opportunities for a Changing World”

In Cologne, it is our belief that first and foremost Model UN is about exchanging ideas, about being creative and thinking of solutions that potentially may just change the world as we know it. This year under the slogan “Migration – Challenges and Opportunities for a changing world” the emphasis of the conference will be on increases in the number of refugees, rising nationalism and climate change. This is also why this year particular emphasis was placed on making the conference as sustainable as possible with the green conference strategy.


Mannheim MUN

19th of October: Mannheim, Germany

One day conference, help researchers in climate change research and earn money!

Mannheim is a beautiful city in the south of Germany and the third largest in Baden-Württemberg. In this unique one-day debate you are actually part of a scientific study! While simulating the Conference of the Parties, a team of researchers from the Universities of Munich, Jena and Bern are also going to participate. It will be a MUN conference as you know it – but also much more: As the conference is part of an international research project, you can contribute with your participation to actual research on climate change.

As part of helping in the scientific research you will even be reimbursed with 20 Euros!



14th - 17th November: St Gallen, Switzerland

Our very own conference

SGMUN Conference gives you the possibility to get to know around one hundred and fifty international students and gain insight into MUN without having to travel. Outside the committee sessions you will have the chance to relax from MUN-stress with awesome socials, while experiencing St. Gallen from a new angle.

SGMUN members should register internally for special conditions! More details to be announced soon



6th - 9th February: Rome, Italy

A Model UN in the heart of Rome

JCUMUN is a United Nations Simulation that will take place at John Cabot University located in Rome, Italy. This year is is the 10th conference; a very special moment. This year there are five competitive and stimulating committees for university students across the world. The Secretariat is excited to also introduce new socials that promise a night in Rome that you will not forget.