SGMUN Conference


Together towards Excellence

Honorable Chair,

Esteemed fellow Delegates,

From the 14th until the 17th of November, SGMUNs flagship project, the SGMUN Conference comes back for its third edition. After the internationally recognized success of last year, SGMUN 2019 takes our debate culture to the next level.

Did you enjoy the weekly debates? Then join us for four days of intensive Committee sessions in six different committees. Show your skills with around 150 other international students coming from over 40 countries all over the world.

While the committee sessions are the main part of the Conference, we offer an all day and all night experience. Every night you have the possibility to meet and exchange with your fellow delegates and grow your international network. Free drinks are offered from Thursday until Saturday on the following socials:

Thursday Social: Game and Dare Night at Pfalzkeller

Friday Social: Cheezy Jazz Night

Saturday Social: Fète de l’èxcellence

Did we catch your interest? Then apply until the 25th of October and become part of the strong St. Gallen Delegation at our very own Conference.